My Background

I've specialized in weddings, high school senior and family portraits, real estate and travel photography.  Recently, the demand for my time has been telling stories through photography and creating premium albums for clients. A weekend birthday celebration, the chronicles of a loved one's life, a pianist's concert tour, home construction from groundbreaking to completion, a pet's life, a travel adventure; the ideas are limitless.  Everyone has a story worth telling in photographs. 


Through The Lens

I prefer shooting with no staging or script; engaging life as it happens. I like the challenge of finding something that people typically pass by without notice; approaching from a different angle and, in turn, changing one's perspective. When traveling, whether at home or halfway around the world, the camera is one of my favorite ways to interact with people.  It helps create a rapport with strangers.  A smile is a smile in any language.


The Value of A Photograph

Every time an image is created, it becomes history.  It can become a cherished record of the past. Photos help us recall people, places and events; long forgotten. They can be some of the most important possessions people seek to rescue in time of disaster. My favorite memories in photography have been capturing people and documenting the world of nature.